Who Are We

Strong Building Systems is a shell contractor specializing in commercial-industrial Pre-engineered Metal Buildings (PEMB) and Tilt up Concrete Construction. At STRONG we package the (PEMB) with the Concrete Foundation and Steel Erection Services. On The Tilt up Concrete product we package the Concrete Foundation, Concrete Walls, Structural Steel, Bar Joist/Deck and Misc. Steel (Ladders, Railings, Bollards, Hatches, etc…..) with Erection Services.

What We Do

We have partnered with brands such as Nucor, Vulcraft, and many high level Concrete and Steel manufacturers to bring an All in one Shell experience, like no other. Taking on the liability and problem solving of 4-5 different sub-contractors under one umbrella Strong Building Systems. The Strong process was built with the Larger client in mind. Our focus is on Division 3, Division 5 and Division 13, with over 100 years of experience on our team, from Business Development, Estimating, Pre-con, Operations and Finance, we are focused on maintaining the high standards for Quality and Service in a timely manner.  

How We Do It

Through a strict qualifying and vetting process we choose to partner with Large General Contractors and Developers throughout the Southeast and Nation, providing Project management and Supervision Services through our management software BuildertTrend. 

A General Contractor/Developer partner in need of our services, will first come in contact with the business development team. Once plans are presented, our Estimating team will travel to your office for a pre-estimating in- person meeting, to understand the scope and start developing a plan of attack. STRONG will then provide a competitive estimate for review. Our team will schedule a meeting to go over the scope and address any concerns upfront to prevent problems in the field. Our operations team will be alerted to start the vetting of jobsite conditions and alert potential partners that will allow the construction to begin. Supervision and Safety is key once onsite. Daily safety meetings and checklists will be performed by our experienced superintendents that will have a complete debrief on the project well before construction begins.