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Steel Warehouses

Nowadays it has become mandatory for business owners to have an adequate storage solution if they want to expand their company. This especially applies for product-based businesses which include e-commerce, retail stores, and other similar businesses. Even if you are operating from your home, there might come a time when you would find yourself short on storage. Therefore, steel warehouses account for 95% (and growing) of new warehouse construction. The rapid construction, easy design, customization options, and low maintenance costs have propelled pre-engineered metal buildings to the front of the warehouse construction market. Strong Building Systems has over 25 years of construction experience to help you get the most bang for your buck on your industrial investment. 

What are Warehouses?

Warehouses are industrial buildings used by businesses for storage and distribution of goods. Pre-engineered metal warehouses have seen a drastic uptick in popularity in the past 20 years. Now, 95% of new warehouse construction is steel. 

Metal buildings provide one of the most secure solutions for any kind of architectural structure. One of the biggest selling points of a metal warehouse is the extra space it provides. It provides a great degree of flexibility in terms of design, as well as size. Moreover, when you take into account how quickly they can be constructed, they are an ideal solution for business owners who lack space and are looking to expand their business operations. Metal warehouses are also known to be corrosion resistant, so in the long run, you can save a lot of money which you otherwise would have spent on maintenance.


The answer to this normally depends on your day to day requirements. If you are having difficulties in finding an adequate storage solution at your workplace, then having a warehouse is a must.

Warehouses are there to normally provide businesses and factories with an adequate storage solution. The main purpose of their design is to make distribution easy by providing enough space for large vehicles to access. They are often recommended for businesses that need to maintain swift operations and frequently deal with customers and provide product-based services.

Even if you are operating online, having a warehouse is still important. The majority of the E-Commerce businesses solely rely on having a warehouse due to the number of products they need to ship daily.

There are numerous benefits of a metal warehouse, with some of them being as follows:

  • Metal warehouses can be prefabricated so this enables the builders to get the job done much faster.
  • Due to how warehouses are prefabricated, the construction time is significantly decreased.
  • Metal structures have always known to be low-maintenance due to their amazing durability. The same applies in the case of a metal warehouse.
  • Security is a key aspect, especially for warehouses. A metal warehouse can undoubtedly meet those required security measures to keep your goods safe.

“Prefabricated” simply means the steel is cut and folded before it goes to the job site. You can think of it like getting Ikea furniture. It has become mainly popular due to how fast it is and helps builders avoid a lot of hassle. Once the important elements are pre-built, they will be bought to the building site to assemble. In this case, the main parts of the metal warehouse will be pre-built and it will be assembled on site.

Even if you are trying to get a complex multi-story warehouse constructed, it usually will take less 2 weeks once the building is shipped, with less complex buildings assembled in 3 days. The time may vary depending on the expertise of the builders you are hiring and the type of tools and equipment they use.

300 feet wide and infinitely long. 

5 Signs Your Company Needs a Warehouse

Advantages of a Metal Wareouse vs. Concrete Tilt-Up

One common confusion people have is whether they should go for a metal warehouse or a tilt-up, so let’s go over some of the advantages a metal warehouse has to offer over tilt-up (concrete).

  • Rapid Construction: Most people require storage solutions on urgent notice. You never know when you may have the plans to expand your business. This is where a metal warehouse truly stands out as its construction can be finished within 2 weeks.
  • Affordability: In terms of affordability, a prefabricated metal warehouse outshines tilt-up, as its main structural elements are made beforehand.
  • Low-Maintenance: In terms of maintenance, once again a metal warehouse is the better choice due to the amazing durability and corrosion/fire resistance it has to offer.
  • Enhanced Security: Coming in line with durability, metal structures are known to provide high security, and this is what matters the most in warehouses.


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