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Strip Mall

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Steel Strip Mall

A strip mall is a perfect example of a steel building’s versatility. Durable. Versatile. Environmentally Friendly. Cost Effective. Energy Efficient. Commercial steel buildings have stood the test of time and are the choice of Professional Engineers, Builders and Investors around the world who want the most return on their project dollar. Design-built steel buildings offer ease of assembly, the ability to customize the space to fit the end users’ needs and a wide range of design concepts to fit the surrounding environment. Single or multi-story, clear span or modular, a steel building can be designed and built for single or multi-business use. 

What is a Strip Mall?

As the name implies, a ‘Strip Mall’ is a collection of retail outlets, restaurants and other services laid out in a row along a ‘strip’ of highway. They have been around for more than half a century. Steel building strip malls, when constructed in convenient proximity to residential neighborhoods, offer the builder a chance to tailor the building’s use and tenants to the surrounding environment, providing essential goods and services to the families living nearby.


Even though we live in a world of on-line retail giants, there is still a large proportion of the population that needs instant gratification. You can order batteries on-line, but if your flashlight is dead, you need batteries now. Hairdressers, fresh food Grocers, dance studios and Dentists all need a physical location, and strip malls fill that niche.

5 Things to Consider When Building a Strip Mall

How To Maximize Your Strip Mall Rental Income

Custom Build

Custom build-outs and turn-key design for tenants demand higher rent than unfinished spaces, so you can set your rates accordingly. Having a clear idea what type of tenants you want to have in your strip mall helps to form the spaces in a targeted way.

Appropriate Theme

Building designs that compliment a local theme, such as a ski chalet inspired storefront in the mountains or covered wooden walkways with hitching posts that double as guardrails in a country setting will not look out-of-place and can demand higher rental rates.

Optimize Location

The old saw 'Location, location, location' is true now more than ever. There is an abundance of empty storefronts in the run-down parts of town, and retailers are willing to pay a premium to be in a fresh, new building where the action is. Take advantage of this trend now.


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