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Retail Building

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Steel Retail Building

The retail building is commercial client-focused construction of shopping stores, supermarket complexes, warehouses, and other structures that entail retail units. Steel construction in this sector delivers agile, lightweight, durable, and easy to implement solutions. The design of your retail building will largely be dictated by location, budget, and target market.


What is a Retail Building?

When you need structural superiority, design excellence, and sustainability in steel retail buildings, we are the guys to talk to. We deliver the best steel building construction in diverse commercial markets.

Long term cost and value are of critical importance in the commercial retail building. That is because most retailers are both owners and occupiers. Cost savings, energy efficiency, and sustainability is only guaranteed by the breadth and depth of experience of your construction company.

Our 25 years of experience in the industry and architectural mastery are our assurance of value for your retail building. We can create beautiful and comfortable distribution stores and supermarket centers with the best customer experience.


Retail real estate is a hot investment. The demand for retail store space is evergreen from restaurants and cafes to bike shops, supermarkets, fashion stores, and others. Even when the building is for self-use, expert-driven construction approaches and solutions can help you maximize the value of the building. When it comes to rental income, the average yield an investor can expect from a retail building is 6%.

As an owner of a retail building, you get to enjoy the security of long term leases. A retail contract is typically signed for five years. The best thing about it is that annual rent increases are permissible based on the consumer price index (CPI). For owner-occupiers, there is better predictability and cost-saving in owning your business premises. You can make flexible structural changes based on the direction of your business while benefiting from the ability to use the building as equity collateral or subletting it for more revenue.

Owning a retail building is associated with challenges such as changing consumer patterns, economic downturns, and high costs of construction. A focused approach to value, high occupancy, and cost-efficiency in the design and construction phases can help to mitigate many of these risks.

The best retail building construction companies come on board with strategic planning and efficient project management. They go above and beyond to create a highly functional and stylish business home that can yield the best value.

Over time, owning your business premises is advantageous in many ways. As an owner, you will have the freedom to make structural changes to the building at the pace of change in the business. You get to reduce costs, maximize value, and keep your business running even in harsh economic conditions.

5 Signs You Need an Retail Building

How Do You Increase the Value of a Retail Building?

If you choose to build and own a retail building property, value optimization automatically becomes a lifelong endeavor. Throughout ownership, you can add amenities to increase the occupancy rate. You can similarly elevate the value of the building by reducing energy consumption and operating expenses. Some landlords may explore options such as increasing rent and redesigning the structure for new uses.

For us, we know that a robust approach to maximizing the value of a retail building starts in the construction phase. A good design improves the customer experience and reduces maintenance costs. The best models support rapid structural changes and faster cosmetic improvements in the future.

The three ways to design your retail building to increase revenue include:

  • Create floor plans that streamline traffic flow and product display
  • Design for safety and comfort with the right heating and cooling
  • Integrate technology in your design for memorable customer experiences


"We had an excellent experience with Strong Building Systems. They worked with us to get the most value for our money, were extremely responsive and 100% delivered on all services as promised. Now we have a beautiful building that meets all of our needs. We highly recommended this company and will use them again in the future if needed!"
Amy Pitts
"I purchased a steel building and every thing went great. Good experience. I WOULD DO IT AGAIN!"
Mike Myers
North Carolina
"I purchased a 40 x50 building from Strong buildings, everything was as stated and building went up smith. I’d highly recommend this company great to work with."
Danny Flaherty
South Carolina

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