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Outbuildings are buildings aside from the main dwelling like a barn, storage buildings, or garage kits. They are used for nearly any purpose, including an extra apartment. 

Recommended Use: Barn, Storage Buildings, Outbuildings

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What are Outbuildings?

An outbuilding, commonly known as a garden room is a secondary, non-habitable building in the yard of your home which accompanies your main house and can serve numerous purposes. Whether you need extra space for a study, want to conduct agricultural work, need extra storage space, or looking out for something like an office close to your house, an outbuilding is the perfect solution to getting lots of additional space outdoors. A steel construction for an outbuilding comes with a spectrum of benefits and saves heaps of dollars in the long run.


A well-built, secured outbuilding is quite an attractive feature to prospective buyers. Adding a farm shed, a farm storage, an RV garage, a camper storage, boat garage, or boat storage is an inexpensive idea to enhance the curb appeal and the release value of a property. A space like this can also get rid of the parking troubles, specially when there’s less parking space in certain areas.

Yes, however, cities, counties, and municipalities handle permits differently. However, most outbuildings do call for a permit, especially for towns or cities where there are certain restrictions on color, size, or placement of a building.

It is “pre-engineered,” which means it shows up precut and needs to be assembled once on site. 

While the size of an outbuilding needs to fall under the permitted development rights, you can’t cover more than 50 percent area of the yard with buildings.
Metal buildings can be up to 300 feet wide and can be as long as you want, provided you have adequate space. 

A great thing about metal outbuildings is that they are fully customizable. When you plan the initial design, you can simply begin with the number of doors and windows you want to include. Further, you can really work on the aesthetics, ranging from the wall color to the roof styles or facades.

Adding a prefabricated metal building, whether it’s a cabin, a greenhouse, a shed or a home office might be more affordable than you think. Plus, the real budget-friendliness comes further down the line. Unlike traditional building materials like wood, steel doesn’t easily burn, corrode or rot. Your outbuilding will last for years to come, while saving money on maintenance at the same time.

Pre-engineered metal buildings require concrete footers for the columns to anchor to. The floor can either be a concrete pad or dirt, depending on your need. 

5 Benefits of Outbuildings for Farmers and Homeowners

3 Ways to Design Your Outbuildings to Maximize its Utility

Design with the Appropriate Outbuilding Planning Permissions

To maximize the outbuilding's utility, make sure it is covered under the appropriate outbuilding planning permissions. Otherwise, it cannot be used as a residence, or self-contained accommodation, a bathroom a bedroom, or a kitchen. Plus, it will also have some size limitations enforced if not worked up with the planning permissions.

Plan the Windows and Doors Efficiently

Consider the accessibility of your outbuilding when designing the windows and doors. Sliding doors can eliminate space wastage encountered from inward or outward facing doors. Increasing the number of windows within the outbuilding can increase the heat inside, and that's why it's essential to also install some opening windows for a better air flow. Agricultural uses, studio rooms, and offices go best with large windows as they increase the natural light inside. Make sure the windows allow for glare-free spots in case you are planning to use a computer in the outbuilding. For security reasons, avoid making it like a store window that exhibits all the stuff inside.

Optimize Location

To get an easy access for repairs or decorations, any outbuilding must be built at least 2.5 m away from the chief house. Avoid building it right against a fence as it won't allow the room to breathe, gradually inviting damp to set in. All-round access is essential for painting and future repairs. Keep it away from a spot that collects water as no one wants to traipse mud and leaves in. You can add stepping stones to the area leading up to it. If you are planning on utilizing the outbuilding for work or relaxation purposes, consider having it at a distance from the house to minimize noise levels.


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