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Having a mechanic garage (aka auto shop) that matches your exact needs is an essential factor in keeping your business running smoothly. Strong Building Systems has over 25 years of experience in construction that can provide you with the exact design that you need at the most competitive prices on the market. From your ideas and perspectives to a complete project, Strong Building Systems Construction Advisors will carefully guide you through each step of the process to get what you need.

What is a Mechanic Garage?

A mechanic garage is a facility where professionally-trained mechanics perform vehicle repairs. Today, most vehicle repairs require a fully equipped workshop specially designed for this type of work. Most auto shops are designed with bays specific to one type of work. For example, transmissions, tires, oil changes, etc. are dedicated bays with appropriate tooling for the job. This generally helps to streamline the most common tasks to increase your garage’s bottom line. 


There are numerous steps to opening, moving, or expanding a business, but when you need to build your body shop, Strong Building Systems is here to help.

According to US News, mechanics make $35,000-$50,000 a year. If you are a one-man garage, you can make that much or more depending on your business savvy.

5 Reasons to Build a Mechanic Garage

3 Ways to Increase Body Shop Revenues

  1. Offer New Services – Keeping up with trends is an integral part of any successful business. Although certain parts of the vehicle will remain the same for many years, new components and innovations appear every year.
  2. Automate – Automate some part of the process to improve efficiency, speed, and profitability.
  3. Modern Building Design – Stand out with modern building design everyone who looks at your modern and perfect mechanic garage will automatically create an image in the head that you are the best possible choice!


"We had an excellent experience with Strong Building Systems. They worked with us to get the most value for our money, were extremely responsive and 100% delivered on all services as promised. Now we have a beautiful building that meets all of our needs. We highly recommended this company and will use them again in the future if needed!"
Amy Pitts
"I purchased a steel building and every thing went great. Good experience. I WOULD DO IT AGAIN!"
Mike Myers
North Carolina
"I purchased a 40 x50 building from Strong buildings, everything was as stated and building went up smith. I’d highly recommend this company great to work with."
Danny Flaherty
South Carolina

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