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Whether you are an independent film maker looking to establish your first physical studio location, or an international movie company expanding into the next multi phased studio complex development, we have the construction solution to meet your needs.

Strong offers a pre-engineered construction package, unique to the steel building industry, and film market as a Shell Contractor. Our tailored construction approach has been proven to reduce the cost of a studio project by up to 35% and reduce the timeline for completion by up to 75%.

Recommended Use: Film Studio, Flex Space

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How It Works?

By combining a pre-engineered structural skeleton with an IMP (Insulated Metal Panel) roof and wall system, we can provide the product solution to meet your design requirements and maximize your investment. This includes, but is not limited to:

Our goal is to assist in the growth of the film industry, and establish Strong Building Systems as the standard, with improved timeline, cost, and performance benefits which far surpass the conventional tilt-up concrete construction. We look forward to partnering with you on your next studio project! 

3 Ways to Do More with Your Film Studio

Plan Your Space

Create ample space to accommodate all your filmmaking operations. Know what exactly to include in your studio.

Improve Design

Improve the general building design of your studio. Work with the best commercial building contractors a come up with an incredible design.

Get Tech

Invest in the latest filmmaking and Television production equipment. You will also increase the value of your studio.


"We had an excellent experience with Strong Building Systems. They worked with us to get the most value for our money, were extremely responsive and 100% delivered on all services as promised. Now we have a beautiful building that meets all of our needs. We highly recommended this company and will use them again in the future if needed!"
Amy Pitts
"I purchased a steel building and every thing went great. Good experience. I WOULD DO IT AGAIN!"
Mike Myers
North Carolina
"I purchased a 40 x50 building from Strong buildings, everything was as stated and building went up smith. I’d highly recommend this company great to work with."
Danny Flaherty
South Carolina

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