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Farm Buildings

Steel farm buildings are a vital element in the agricultural and farming industry. They often serve as efficient farm storage and animal housing solutions, lowering operating costs while helping to maximize productivity. These buildings often prove central to keeping a farm’s operations running smoothly thanks to their versatility, functionality and low maintenance. Whether it’s a place for feed storage, a milking parlor, office, or even multi-use, these buildings can serve to satisfy the need. They come in a wide range of colors and sizes to fit in with the feel and layout of the farm. Having them custom built helps ensure they meet any and every unique demand and requirement. And, thanks to the quality materials and manufacturing of Strong Building Systems’ steel buildings, they withstand rugged farm work for many decades and continue to look great and last. Take your first step towards getting the structure that’s most suitable for your farm by requesting a free quote now.

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What are Farm Buildings?

Farm buildings are structures where indoor farm work gets done and where work-related equipment and supplies are stored. Also, some of these structures are dedicated to housing livestock. Popular examples include barns, feed sheds, and shops, but even a garage such as a boat garage or an RV garage can be classified as a farm building. In short, any building that is located on a farm and used to support its operations can count as a farm building. They can be as small as a shed or as big as a grand warehouse. The best are well-designed for their specific use, long-lasting, and low maintenance. Any added aesthetic appeal of these structures assist in enhancing the overall working environment on the farm.


As steel farm buildings come in a wide array of shapes and sizes and have varying features and customizations, the cost for them also varies greatly. An example range for the steel only is between $5-$25 or more per square foot.

This is the reason it’s important to get a quote when considering adding a new building to your farm. You want a price that most accurately reflects the amount your investment will be for the need you are looking to resolve. The best way to get a clearer idea of what the price will be is to call or fill out the form today to get your quote from us for free.

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While many assume it’s clear that most large buildings such as barns require permits, the fact is that it depends. The determining factors include size, land zoning, local regulations, and whether there’s electricity.

While Strong Building Systems specializes in buildings that are of sufficient size to require permits in most areas, the issue can be project-dependent with some farm buildings. For this reason, the first step is always to get a quote and understanding of the project requirements. With us, you can get a quote for free.

A windbreak is a popular method for helping to protect a farm building’s interior climate from the outside. Even in well-insulated buildings, windbreaks can offer additional benefits in boosting energy efficiency.

In structures such as pole barns that serve as animal housing and have a roof but no or few walls, these can help protect the livestock from the elements and particles carried by the wind. The most traditional way of creating a windbreak is by planting a row of bushes or trees alongside the structure.

And the modern version comes in the form of screens that are made specifically for this purpose and installed along an exterior wall. Whether a windbreak will be beneficial for your purposes depends on your individual project.

Either way, Strong Building Systems can provide you with a farm building that features interior insulation that is in keeping with your need and request.

Getting the right sized farm building can make all the difference in your day-to-day operations. And while we’ve found that it’s not the size of the lot available for the building that is of major concern to most farm owners, it can be difficult to find that perfect balance of building size.

After all, it’s not always true that the bigger the building the bigger the cost. There are cases the cost per square foot goes down as size increases, creating more room in the budget for, well, more room.

What really matters is how well the structure will continue to serve its purpose in the years to come, and size plays an important role in that. For this reason, the best way to determine with accuracy the size of building that best fits your needs is to discuss it with an expert. We invite you to claim your free quote right now.

There are many farms where large barns or other structures serve a variety of purposes. They can, for example, not only house livestock but also feature an office and ample storage space. Another example is when the workshop also serves as camper storage or boat storage since these vehicles are not used as often.

When it comes to deciding on a multi-use versus dedicated farm building, it’s important to have a clear vision of the farm’s future. Of course, the overall layout of the farm and price of the project are also important factors.

If you are facing the challenge of deciding whether one or multiple steel farm buildings will best suit your needs, we highly recommend that you call to speak with one of our experts today.

When some people think of farm buildings, what comes to mind is the barn, feed storage, and perhaps the workshop. The fact is that there are all sorts of different buildings that can be used on a farm – and we make them out of durable, low maintenance, environmentally-friendly steel.

There are different types of barns, such as pole barns, calving barns, sale barns, and many others. Then there are farm buildings that are dedicated to storage, such as feed sheds, machine storage buildings, and general farm storage.

Workshops and offices can also be made of steel. So too can garages of all sizes, whether you’re storing a boat, RV, camper, or just want to keep your horse trailer or tractors out of the sun. Whatever the purpose, we can help you with a steel building that suits your needs.

5 Benefits Of Farm Buildings For Farmers And Homeowners

3 Ways To Design Your Farm Buildings To Maximize Its Utility

Consider How You Operate

Floor space, traffic flow, and storage are examples of variables in the way you use the building that can influence how it should be designed. The aim should always be to maximize efficiency, regardless of the building's purpose. Small details can make a big difference in your overall lasting satisfaction.

Plan for the Future

The space and layout that works for you now might not be the same a few years from now. This is especially true on farms where the plan is expansion and growth. While remodeling a steel building can be a fairly simple and cost-effective project, it may be one you would not want to take on for several years to come.

Focus on Purpose

Think of all the possible ways your steel building can serve your needs. This may go far beyond what you have in mind now. It's not just about the way you work or your plans for growth but also the different functionalities and solutions this type of structure can bring. You may find that your new steel farm building can serve as a solution for far more than you have in mind.


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