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Metal Distribution Center

As a leader with 25+ years of commercial construction experience, we at Strong Building Systems understand the importance of good logistics and how integral a well-designed distribution center is for your business. 

What is a Distribution Center?

A distribution center is a large set of warehouse or specialized buildings that often contain air conditioning or refrigeration to stock products/goods in or to be redistributed to wholesalers or perhaps directly to consumers. You can often hear that DCs are also called warehouse. The distribution center can be described as a highly complex piece of business infrastructure. In today’s modern age, facilities must be reconfigurable, versatile, and equipped with the latest intelligent systems that can help you to evolve a business. Distribution centers are central sinew of supply chains. Since distribution centers deliver merchandise to consumers and inventory to stores, they are essential for good flow in the economy. The construction, outfitting, design, and location of a distribution center is all about efficient material and speed to minimize your cost of moving goods from one point (manufacturers) to another (consumers). These buildings should be near highways, rail junctions, transportation, or airports to achieve an increased speed of delivery and decrease your distribution costs.


Strong Building Systems offer to you design flexibility so you can customize according to your needs the interior design and layout. Clear span framing gives you the opportunity to configure the layout to fit your demands without having to worry about load-bearing walls. With our strong steel framing, you can also choose high ceilings because they are fantastic solutions for accommodating vertical inventory storage in order to maximize your space.

Our metal structures are specifically designed to support all types of conventional wall systems, including brick, stucco, metal panels, CCMY, or tilt-up. In our offer, we have various metal panel styles and profiles to professionally complete the exterior of your distribution facility. You can choose a wide selection of metal panel colors to customize your distribution center. We can even help you to match your logo colors with the surrounding environment or to blend your building with it.

The average cost to build a distribution center is around $30 per square foot. Price can range anywhere from $10 to $70 or even much more per square foot. The final cost will depend on several factors, such as use, design, and local building codes. 

Logistics are complex and expensive. Especially when it’s poorly organized. A distribution center helps your business streamline 

4 Signs You Need an Distribution Center


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