Commercial Metal Buildings

Find out why 95% of industrial and 73% of commercial construction are using steel buildings.

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    Industrial and Commercial Metal Buildings


    An industrial warehouse building kit (building only) will cost $5-$25 or more per square foot depending on use, design, and local building codes.

    Warehouses are there to normally provide businesses and factories with an adequate storage solution. The main purpose of their design is to make distribution easy by providing enough space for large vehicles to access. Factories, on the other hand, are the main point where goods/products are manufactured and are normally located near public transport facilities to cater for employees.

    When speaking about commercial real estate, people are normally referring to offices and retail shops. Industrial real estate is usually used to refer to warehouses and factories. However, you are frequently going to hear “commercial real estate” is used for both.

    There are numerous advantages that pre-engineered buildings provide with some of them being:

    • The speed of construction for industrial and commercial metal buildings is 30% faster  when compared to conventional building methods.
    • Commercial metal buildings offer a greater degree of flexibility in design from extravagant HQ’s to simple steel warehouses. 
    • Due to the demand of pre-engineered metal buildings, finding a skilled workforce is easier.
    • Pre-engineered steel structures are easily expanded to grow with your business. 

    A “prefab” or “Prefabricated” building simply means to pre-build before taking the structural elements to the site. It has become mainly popular due to how fast it is and helps builders avoid a lot of hassle. Once the important elements are pre-built, they will be bought to the building site to assemble.

    The time to build a structure  depends on its size and complexity. If you are looking to get larger industrial buildings, then a good estimate would be 6-8 months. While if the building is around 10,000 square feet, then it may be done much sooner or roughly in 3-6 months depending on the efficiency and experience of the builders.

    If you are going for commercial steel buildings or metal buildings, there are numerous design options which include a standing seam roof, a colored roof, wainscot, exterior designer panels, awnings and much more depending on your preferences and requirements.

    Commercial metal buildings can be up to 300 feet wide and as long as you want it to be, so long as it does not violate any laws and it is approved by government/the relevant governing bodies of your district.

    Lease or Build a Commercial Metal Building?

    One of the harder questions to answer is whether you should lease your building or build new? The unsatisfying answer is, it depends. Here are a few instances when it makes sense to build new.

    • You’ll be there for a while – Here is a rule of thumb to help guide the decision. How long will you be there? If the answer is, “longer than 5 years,” than it usually makes more financial sense to build. 
    • You’re a startup – That does not mean that startups need to shy away from construction. Building a flex space warehouse -a flexible, open-concept warehouse that can be redesigned to meet your company’s changing needs- is a perfect solution. 
    • You have heavy, industry-specific requirements – The food industry needs a cold storage building for storage which is hard to find, especially in a logistics-friendly location. A data center building needs two power sources, two fiber-optic options, and a complex primary and secondary air-conditioning system. Hatcheries need biosecurity and temperature-controls greater than normal warehouses can provide. The more industry-specific your building needs to be, the more likely building a new commercial metal building becomes your best option. 
    • You want to save money – The ongoing and maintenance costs of commercial metal buildings are exceptionally low. They can save your business 50% or more on monthly building maintenance costs, which means you make more profit. 

    The only way to know for sure is to do a comprehensive analysis of your business’ options. For the cases where construction is the best choice, Strong Building Systems is here to help.

    Advantages of Commercial Metal Buildings

    Stick-built can normally be seen in barn, garages, and homes and it uses lumber. Here are a couple of advantages that metal buildings possess when compared to stick-built:

    • Higher durability: It should not come as a surprise that metal buildings far exceed stick-built in terms of durability due to the material used.
    • Enhanced Precision: Metal buildings can provide you with a more precise solution that is tailored to your needs due to modern technological advancements. While stick-built does not offer that much flexibility.
    • Cost-Friendly: In terms of cost, metal buildings can be cheap because their material is normally brought in a bulk and the same materials are normally needed for every project.
    • Quick Construction: In terms of construction time, commercial metal buildings can come up much faster because the components are pre-fabricated.
    • Budget-Friendly: Commercial metal buildings are much cheaper in terms of cost when compared with structural steel.
    • Ease of Design: Structural steel requires each design to be built from ground-up which can be a time-consuming process. Metal buildings can be pre-fabricated so there are always numerous designs available.
    • Materials: Structural steel requires to be cut, bolted, and punched on-site. While metal buildings can be pre-engineered.
    • Expansion: Expanding pre-engineered metal buildings is much easier as they are initially designed while keeping this in mind. Expansion of structural steel can be much trickier.
    • Lightweight: Concrete tilt-up building can be difficult to work around with due to their weight. On the other hand, metal industrial buildings are lightweight and can easily assemble on site.
    • Construction Time: It takes a significant period to proceed with each phase of concrete tilt-up buildings due to the time it takes for it to dry. Metal industrial buildings can be worked on non-stop.
    • Cheaper: Steel is much cheaper than concrete, so if you are looking for an industrial building solution in budget then metal buildings are the best choice.
    • Design Flexibility: The level of design flexibility offered by metal industrial buildings is much more as concrete designing requires significant expertise and state of the art tools and equipment.


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    Find out why 95% of industrial and 73% of commercial construction are using steel buildings.