Cold Storage Building

Steel Cold Storage Building

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Steel Cold Storage Building

Metal Cold Storage Buiding

cold-storage building is a temperature-controlled and humidity-controlled commercial steel building that stores heat and condensation sensitive inventory. It is most commonly used in the food and electronics industries, but has plenty of use for a wide range of industries. 

    What is an Cold Storage Building?

    Cold storage building refers to a storage warehouse that helps you to store electronics or frozen and/or fresh perishable vegetables or fruits, seafood, meat, fowl, dairy products, or any combination thereof, at an optimal temperature in order to maintain the quality of your products for orderly marketing. A large cold storage building operates as a special, independent enterprise, which includes a warehouse with railroad platforms and trucks, condenser rooms designed for a refrigeration system and compressor, reservoirs, a cooling tower, and a pumping station. Depending on their purpose, cold storage buildings are usually classified as distributive (wholesale trade), industrial, central, commercial, and port. They are usually located in places where the products are produced and where they are consumed.


    Since many customers have a lot of specific demands based on the end-users’ needs, our professional Advisors will work with you to achieve everything you imagine and need.

    Many studies have shown those cold storage facilities and refrigerator warehouses can cost a lot of money if they are not equipped with the latest and highest quality doors and insulation. That’s why we use the newest and top quality innovative products that save you money!

    The design of our cold storage building is specially constructed, so the food quality is maintained in different phases: packaging, processing, and shipping.

    5 Benefits of a Cold Storage Warehouse


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    "I purchased a 40 x50 building from Strong buildings, everything was as stated and building went up smith. I’d highly recommend this company great to work with."
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