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Crafting Sanctuaries, Nurturing Communities

Strong Building Systems extends its expertise to Faith-Based Metal Buildings, offering customizable, durable, and welcoming spaces for worship and community gatherings. Understanding the unique needs of faith communities, we provide solutions that blend functional requirements with aesthetic aspirations, creating environments that inspire and uplift.

Tailored for Worship and Community:

  • Versatile Designs: From traditional to contemporary, our buildings accommodate various architectural styles, ensuring your space reflects your community’s spirit and values.
  • Cost-Effective: Our efficient construction methods and materials offer economic advantages without compromising quality, making optimal use of your budget.
  • Sustainable and Durable: Engineered for longevity and minimal maintenance, our metal buildings are an investment in your community’s future.

What is a Church Building?

Crafting enduring sanctuaries, our Metal Buildings blend timeless durability with economic efficiency, serving as the foundation for your faith community’s home. Constructed from premium-grade steel, these structures expedite the building process, ensuring your congregation quickly receives the sacred space it deserves. Designed with a robust rectangular grid of columns and I-beams, they support floors, walls, and roofs with unmatched strength, promising a steadfast church building. This structural integrity, paired with our commitment to your vision, makes us the ideal partner for creating a church that not only meets but exceeds your congregation’s needs for generations. With our expertise, your future church will embody both spiritual significance and architectural resilience, standing as a testament to your community’s faith and unity.


An aisle down the center of the sanctuary is entirely optional. However, if you will be using your church space to conduct weddings, a center aisle is typically a good choice.

Untraditional churches are becoming more and more common. Wooden pew seating has been the traditional way for people to sit while they are in church. However, there are other options, including padded pews, chairs, and theater-style seating.

When designing the steeple for your building, you want to ensure that it is approximately the same height as the roof at the peak. The base of the steeple should be about ten percent of the width of the building. You also want to consider a lightning rod at the top of your steeple.

Another consideration when designing the steeple for the church is what will be allowed in your area. Some areas have very specific by-laws or building codes that you need to be sure to adhere to.

Stained glass is often associated with churches. It can depict Bible events and casts a “heavenly light” into the church. Stained glass is also a beautiful addition to churches. It is also expensive. Stained glass isn’t a necessity in a church, often regular glass in a wood frame can be just as beautiful and costs a fraction of the price.

When you choose what your new church is going to look like, the decision should be a group effort and also include limited voices. Initially, it is a good idea to take ideas from your congregation because you want to be sure that the new building meets their needs and expectations, especially if you ask for additional funds to help pay for the new construction. You might find that a majority of your congregation would like a picnic area outside for after services when it’s not something that was even on your radar.

When the building process has begun, you want your building committee to consist of four to seven people. This is to allow for a streamlined process in communication when decisions need to be made. The people on the building committee can be volunteers, chosen by the church elders, or voted on by the congregation, depending on what you think will work best in your situation.

5 Benefits of New Church Construction

Three Ways to Design Your Church to Grow Your Congregation

There are so many things to consider when you are designing your church. But the biggest thing is making sure that your church meets the needs of your congregation. Here are three of the main spaces, aside from the actual worship hall, that are important to consider in your design.

1) The Multipurpose Room

Including a multipurpose room in your church will give you the flexibility of hosting programs that will bring more people into your church. Some of the programs that you can use your multipurpose room for include:

  • Book clubs
  • Bible studies
  • Support groups
  • Youth groups
  • Prayer groups
  • Community Outreach
  • Soup Kitchens
  • Community Potlucks

You can also rent the space in your church out to community groups looking for a larger meeting space, which will increase your church revenue, while also bringing more people into your location. When designing your multipurpose room, include a small stage for people who are presenting, or as a place for your children’s group to perform plays. A kitchen in your multipurpose room will allow for the space to be used for more activities and enable you to serve coffee during meetings, or after services.

2) The Children’s Space

Having a special place for children within your church does two things. First, it allows parents to listen to services without the stress of fidgety children, and second, it makes those kids want to attend your church as they get older. But there are things to consider when you are creating your space for children within your church.

First, you want to be sure that the location of your children’s space makes sense. You want it to be clear where parents should bring their children, but you don’t want it too close to the lobby where it is going to become congested. While you enjoy the children’s space to be easily accessible to parents and their children, you don’t want it to be easily accessible to anyone who isn’t supposed to access it.

Second, you want to ensure that space is appealing to children and parents. Parents will look at the area and either feel that you are prioritizing having a children’s ministry, or they are going to feel like it was thrown together as somewhere to “store” children. A theme of Noah’s Ark or something else that is colorful, stimulating, and relevant will create a place where parents want their children to go to learn.

3) The Parking Lot and the Lobby

The first impression people who are new to your church will be from the parking lot, exterior, and lobby of your church. Starting with the parking lot, you want to ensure that there is more than ample parking for the congregation. If someone is new to your church and can not find parking, they probably will not even enter into your church. At the same time, if the parking is cramped, it will also turn people away.

Next, you want to be sure that your church’s entrance is marked and easy to find. Churches that have multiple unmarked doors leave people feeling confused and unsure of where they are supposed to enter. Another consideration is how accessible the entrance to your church is. While stairs can be aesthetically pleasing to some people, especially people who want to use your church for wedding photos, they are not practical. People in wheelchairs, use walkers, have strollers or struggle with stairs, a lack of a readily accessible entrance can be enough to have them choose not to attend your church.

Finally, the lobby is the “welcoming area” of your church. The lobby is where people are going to get their first introduction to your church. It is also the area where the pastor can greet the congregation and neighbors can greet one another before and after the services. This means that you need the lobby to allow for adequate flow in and out of the church. You also want to ensure that the lobby offers a space that clearly shows the events going on in your church and directs people to the different areas of your church.


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